Mobile User Design and Experience

Unit1 Technologies - UI & UX Design Department

What's the first thing you see before you even decide to download or use an app? The User Interface Design! The first thing after you downloaded it and still deciding whether you want to use it? The User Experience Design. We're the cover of the book, the quickstarter for our apps!

The success of an app is contingent on a combination of factors. We feel that the overall mobile user experience (UX) tops them all. The apps that stand out in the market are those that deliver great UX.
It's simple to say that this is not a section to be taken up too lightly.

We always keep up with the latest trends, and where possible, start our own trend or 2!
To ensure users experience the best from our apps, we build the iOS and Android version to basically look, work, and function 100% the same. Just because it's a different phone or platform does not neccessarily mean the experience should be different!

Using an app should not feel like work, even if it is for work.

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We're based in Fourways, South Africa