Product Quality Assurance

There's absolutely nothing more frustrating than attempting to use an app, and it just does not want to work! Quality Assurance is equally as important as any of the other phases and departments that forms part of the application development process. We strive to keep our applications going, as smoonthly as possible. No hiccups, no "work-arounds", as there is really no reason for an application to not work 100%, all the time.
Our Quality Assurance department will make sure of that.

How many device do we have to test the applications on? We don't know!
If the application is working on one device, it must simply work on the other. Every process, function, graphic and even animations are checked before we publish your apps!
We're proud to have a decent score for all our apps on the app stores. This is mainly thanx to QA making our apps run seemless!

-Seemless and Smooth-

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We're based in Fourways, South Africa